About Me

To me good UX design is like a perfectly choreographed event. From the moment a user begins to engage with a digital product, it is my job to create a design that welcomes them into the space, helps them find their way, and hopefully leaves users with a feeling of joy and delight.

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My Story

I'm an adventurer at heart and my journey to becoming a UX designer is not a straight path, but the throughline of my journey is my passion for good design.

Designing Since I Was 16 Years Old

My design story started in high school when I worked on the school newspaper as a design editor. In college I went on to build out the design team at the Georgetown Voice. After college, I built websites and designed album covers for my musician friends, as a fun side project. Eventually, after 10 years of working in marketing and event production, I decided to pivot and to pursue design as my career and I haven't looked back since.

My professional skills

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Lead & Strategy

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Team Work

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Goal Oriented

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My past experience

The throughline of my career path thus far is my curiosity and growth mindset. I enjoy getting outside my comfort zone, immersing myself in other cultures, and understanding where people are coming from. In 2017, I learned about UX design and saw that as a career it would allow me to combine my creativity with my organized an analytical mind with my love of working with and understanding people.

2020 - Ongoing

Product Designer - Freelance

2017 - 2019

Marketing Director - Brooklyn Music School

2016 - 2017

Social Media Manager - Freelance

2010 - 2015

Music Department Director - SYDA Foundation

miykaelah is ...

Here's a sample of what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about working with me

“Miykaelah is one of those rare individuals who combines her skills and traits that are associated with success: imaginative yet detail-oriented; collaborative yet tenacious.  Most importantly she is dependable and always delivers. Miykaelah’s greatest skill is leadership and people management. She is always friendly and extremely nice with people, which makes it easy for her to get great work out of them. She knows how to manage people's temperament well and handle them skillfully. In less than a few months she has become a very integral part of Products by Women and we are lucky to have Miykaeah drive our long term global vision.”

naimeesha murthy
founder @ products by women

“Miykaelah consistently exceeded all of our expectations - and the work was completed ahead of schedule!   She is driven, creative, and passionate about meeting her clients' goals.  Thanks to her input and guidance our new website will be an asset for our organization for years to come.”

david ellenbogen
artistic director @ brooklyn raga massive

“Miykaelah steered the UX/UI vision of our team with ease ...  Overall, Miykaelah was a strong UX leader from concept to finish and I would gladly work with her again on any project, any time.”

mary macmurray
software engineer @ Kellar consulting

“Miykaelah is a highly proactive and efficient designer with great attention to detail. She' s a born leader that led by example, kept track of all deliverables, provided innovative solutions ... Miykaelah consistently brought positive energy to the team to get through bottlenecks.”

caleb ha
ux designer @ adasia

“Miykaelah is, without a doubt, one of the most energetic, inquisitive, and industrious professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s a born leader who consistently kept us on task. Always supportive, accessible, and inclusive, she brought a level of focus and enthusiasm to our project that motivated the rest of us to work harder, and smarter. ”

benjamin mccoy
motion graphics designer @ nbc